Remember Niger is set apart from other organizations because we assist with solutions provided by Nigeriens for Nigerien problems. Our supporters – you – help in implementation on the basis of a strong friendship and mutual respect.

Our success with carrying out these plans is due to the remarkable support provided at the grassroots level in Niger. Volunteers and donors from across the United States (and the world) have combined to make several key projects a reality:

  • Construction of school buildings
  • Furnishing the schools
  • Computer labs in two schools
  • Computer training for administrators and teachers
  • Student Sponsorships
  • Food Program
  • School Supply Drives
  • Much more…

In addition, volunteer mission trips are an important part of our relationship with our Nigerien partners. Trips may involve tasks such as painting, carpentry, cleaning, painting murals, and so on. But more important is strengthening our friendship with EERN administrators, teachers and students at the schools.

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Thank You!

We are blessed to have so many supporters! The following highlights just a few of those people.