Images From Our October Trip 3

At the beginning of each school year in Niger, we visit our schools to gather information on new students needing financial assistance and to check in with our existing sponsorship students! We also tour schools that our donors have helped to build, such as a new secondary school. Here are some images from our trip.



3 thoughts on “Images From Our October Trip

  • Ann

    Thank you Kara and all for what you do in Niger. It’s such a treat to view the slides of your trip. Thanksgiving, I’ll
    be grateful for the children of Niger you brought into my life.

  • Jane Frost

    Lovely pictures. Such adorable children. Thank you for the wonderful work you do.

  • Julie

    The images are so heartwarming and they really serve as a joyful reminder of how important and impactful the work is that Remember Niger is doing. : )

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