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2017 Rally for Niger Images

This year, rallies were held in various states (Michigan, Minnesota, Washington DC & South Carolina)  and raised funds to build a preschool. The rally that was held in Maryland raised funds for tutoring for the Hamsa Girls Education Center. Thank you to everyone who participated and supported the events! ” […]

Time to Rally for Niger!

People young and old, from all different backgrounds, come together every year all around the United States to raise money for children in Niger. These rally events are organized by various organizations, groups and clubs. The rallies are fun and there is a sense of camaraderie as we talk and […]

A Lasting Impression

We are thankful to have great church partners who value building strong relationships with our partners in Niger. This year, Georgetown Presbyterian Church in Washington, DC and Sunrise Ministries in Hudsonville, Michigan sent volunteers to Niger. Santo, a volunteer from Sunrise Ministries, traveled there this past summer. It was a […]

Thank you for Laying the Foundation

The Zinder Middle School will be completed this summer thanks to you, our partners and supporters! We raised over $30,000 for this project, which will ensure that the students of the Zinder school will continue to receive a quality education through middle school. Below you will see a letter we […]

Georgetown Presbyterian Church travels to Niger

Thoughts from Chris Chatelaine-Samsen, mission pastor at GPC, after returning from their mission trip to Niger. “We found high-achieving students, as well as teachers and administrators who are hard-working, smart, and resourceful with limited finances.” “I was thrilled that Georgetown Presbyterian Church was able to sponsor a trip to Niger […]

Letters from Sponsored Students

Rachida Dear sponsor, My name is Rachida and I’m in class of CE1 (3rd Grade). I am one of the girls you kindly took care of to facilitate my studies. My parents and I would like to tell you how pleased we are with your action. In Niger it is […]

Remember Niger Celebrates 10 Years in Zinder!

Working with the school in Zinder has been one of my greatest joys over the past ten years. I can vividly recall getting to know those on the school committee for the first time while sitting around in a circle of plastic chairs. We sat outside of the nearly completed, […]

Intern Spotlight!

Over the past two weeks, Ashley Hall junior, Natalie Smith, has been interning with us. She’s visited with over 10 different classrooms of students of all ages to educate them about Niger and share about our mission. We are so thankful for her efforts to encourage excitement and support within […]

Exploring Tahoua – Char’s Perspective

We have recently begun some new projects in Tahoua, a city a bit north of where we have built and partnered in the past. Between meetings and school visits, Kara and Char had some time to explore. Check out these fun photos!      

Scholarship Recipients: Hear Their Stories

We had the opportunity to meet with three scholarship recipients today. These young ladies are wonderfully intelligent and so friendly. It was truly a pleasure to get to know them on a more personal level. When we asked them why they wanted to stay in school, they said they are determined […]