Partners in Niger

EERN Education Committee and Kara, 2013EERN

One of our partners in Niger includes the Evangelical Church of Niger (EERN), a protestant denomination with over 75 Churches and nearly 3,000 members spread throughout Niger.

Established by Sudan Interior Mission (SIM), the first protestant mission organization in Niger, the Evangelical Church of Niger became an independent organization recognized by the Nigerien Government in 1961.


The members of the EERN are responding to the needs of their country by developing and executing a long-term plan to create a Christian Education System, which will include various types of education at every level. They envision a society transformed socially, spiritually and economically through expanded quality educational opportunities.

Educational Goals

  • Establish institutions where Christian truths and values are taught and modeled.
  • Provide schools and educational opportunities that are accessible to girls and boys, rich and poor, Muslims and Christians.
  • Train teachers who are excited and prepared to teach.
  • Equip Nigeriens with the knowledge and skills needed to improve their lives and positively transform society.
  • Model an effective and transformative educational program for Niger.
  • Contribute to the development of Niger and offer hope to its people.

A Long Range Plan

  • Local churches will establish and operate literacy centers, pre-schools and kindergartens.
  • Primary Schools will be established in larger towns and cities through the effort and leadership of members of local churches.
  • Primary Schools will feed into Secondary Schools that will be established in larger towns.
  • Vocational, Technical and Teacher Training Schools will be established on existing campuses.
  • Bible Schools will be developed into fully accredited Universities.

Educational Sites

The EERN has several educational sites throughout Niger at different stages of development.

  • Current Primary Schools: Aguie, Dogondoutchi, Madaoua, Niamey, Tsibiri, Zinder
  • Future locations: Tahoua and Diffa