Girls Advancement Programs

Scholarships for Girls and Women – Beyond Primary School

We are providing scholarships to girls and young women so they are able to continue their education beyond primary school, which includes secondary school, vocational education, professional school, and university. Also, we are partnering with a local association to create a girls’ education center that will include secondary school, vocational and job training and a recovery program.

Sustainable Educational Communities

Creating self-sufficient and sustainable educational communities is an essential component of our mission.

Each Remember Niger Coalition partner school is in a different stage of development, which begins with construction and continues with the addition of enrichment programs. With continued support, all of our partner schools will reach full student capacity through our student sponsorship program and build community confidence, which leads to higher enrollment.
Water Pump
Community confidence is achieved through the quality of our academic enrichment programs which help each student perform their best and maintain a positive attitude in school. We plan for all our partner schools to have literacy and technology support, teacher development, and full sponsorship programs within a timeframe that is sustainable for each schools’ leadership capacity and in reflection to their expressed needs.

We need your help in investing in:

  • Solar panels and equipment to make the panels operational.
  • Solar powered well equipment.
  • Funds to support construction and ongoing maintenance.


School Construction

We work with our partners in Niger to build a permanent and lasting future for children in Niger.

Classroom infrastructure is pivotal to our mission to create quality educational opportunities in Niger. Generally, local leaders start new primary schools with a pre-school and kindergarten and then add a class each year until 6th grade. While these schools often begin in existing community buildings, space runs out quickly and within a few years new buildings must be constructed.
School construction in Niger
School construction is completed in two phases with each phase consisting of a single three-classroom block. Once the classrooms have been completed they must be equipped with desks, chalkboards, shelves, computers and supplies.

The Remember Niger Coalition also seeks to support the construction of secondary schools or other projects that benefit the most needy children in Niger.

Gifts supporting our Facility program go towards construction, wells, solar panels, latrines and other projects as requested by our Nigerien partners.

Academic Enrichment Programs

Once the physical infrastructure is established at our partner schools we are able to develop programs that support the core components of an education like filling seats with engaged students, curriculum enrichment, providing books and computers, and encouraging parent-teacher communication.

For example, we have been able to support the schools by providing French language books and magazines for the primary and middle schools. School leadership has also been able to utilize funds to purchase curriculum and school supplies.

Student Sponsorships and Scholarships

Girl at School

Providing support for students is key for the schools in Niger.  Sponsorships and scholarships provide tuition assistance and much more.

Our partners in Niger strive to provide quality educational opportunities that are accessible to girls and boys, rich and poor, Muslims and Christians. In order to reach this goal a student scholarship fund has been created for school fees and costs, which include books and classroom supplies, room and board (for boarding students), and medical and hygiene care.
Sponsorship (primary school) and scholarship (secondary school) donations are combined with gifts from all other sponsors who support kids in Niger. There are two different ways in which these funds are used.

  • First, the fees and costs are wholly or partially covered for students who are orphaned or abandoned, come from a disadvantaged family, or are students of Nigerien missionaries.
  • Second, funds are used to defray some of the operating costs of schools because of the discrepancy between the cost of tuition charged for all students and the “real cost” of educating a child in Niger.

The reality of the economic situation in Niger is such that the majority of families are unable to afford the actual cost. Thus, tuition and schooling costs are subsidized in order to make it possible for all students to attend.

Donation Options:

  • Primary School Sponsorships: $360/year or $30/month
  • Secondary School Scholarships: $600/year or $50/month


Teacher Training and Administrative Scholarships

Training provides students with high quality education and expands opportunities for teachers.

Daniel gives presentation at Teacher Seminar
Our partners in Niger endeavor to train teachers who are excited and prepared to teach and establish institutions where values are taught and modeled, as well as model an effective and transformative educational program for Niger.

In order to accomplish these goals it is necessary to send current and aspiring teachers for further training. In a predominately Islamic country where there is already a lack of qualified teachers it is challenging to find enough teachers to meet the demand at new and existing schools. Therefore, as schools are built it is necessary to train more teachers.



Health, Nutrition and Hygiene

Providing students with good health contributes to their academic success, improves their quality of life, and prevents disease. Learning about healthy habits and disease prevention in school encourages better choices throughout life.
Nigerien Children Eatiing

The Food and Garden Program was created to ensure that students receive at least one meal per day. (One location is a boarding school, so the Food Program there is especially important.) We also invest in the gardens, particularly for the boarding school.  The garden serves several very important roles:

  • Provides much needed additional nutrition for the students, teachers and administrators
  • Helps the schools cope with the effects of drought, erratic rains and fluctuating food prices
  • Provides a teaching opportunity – students learn about growing conditions, plants and much more.


Technology/Computer Labs

Technology skills are an important piece of education for all children.  Computer lab installation and training for teachers have been the focus of past trips to Niger.

computer lab
Several computer labs (computers, desks, electrical and more) and training sessions have been provided.  The computer labs have refurbished computers and basic software.

  • In-kind donations of refurbished computers that meet the needs of the schools in Niger are always welcome. Please contact us for more information.
  • Gifts ranging from $200 to $5,000 are needed for equipment and technology training.