2011 Accomplishments

Thanks to your support, we have been able to accomplish so much in 2011:

School Buildings – We have just completed one school building and are in the process of constructing another.

Computer Lab – We installed the second of two computer labs at the Zinder Primary School this summer.  The other computer lab is at the Tsibiri Primary Boarding School.

Six volunteers visited Niger this year.

Food Program – This program ensures that all of the kindergarten students and students who come from poorer families have at least one meal a day.

Teacher Training Scholarships – There are now three graduates teaching in our schools and, currently, there are four future teachers at the teacher training college.

Student Sponsorships– We are excited to share with you that we have transformed our sponsorship program so that we now match donors with specific children.  Our goal is to match fifty students with donors this school year.  Learn more about sponsorships.