40 Sponsors in 40 Days

Sponsor a child in Niger, Africa

40 Sponsors in 40 Days

Dear Friends,

During a recent trip to Niger, I asked children at the schools we support the same question, and I kept getting the same answer.

Kara: Are you glad that you attend school?
Sponsored Student: Yes, of course.
Kara: Why?
Sponsored Student: Because I am a student.

How would you have answered these questions when you were 7 or 8 years old?

In Niger, “I am a student,” means that these children feel proud, grateful and lucky. They know that going to school is privilege, not a guarantee. Using an American analogy – many of them feel like they have won the lottery because they know that their future possibilities are now wide open! And more than that, they see it as a great responsibility, because they want to be successful for their families and communities.

Would you help give more children the opportunity to be students?

We are seeking 40 more sponsors during the Lenten season. That’s one child sponsorship for each day of Lent. The children in this program are chosen because they are the most vulnerable people in their communities. They are orphans, girls and children who come from the poorest of poor homes.

The 40 days of Lent are often used for self-reflection and renewed commitment to our faith by giving up a habit or treat. What better way to help us do that than to give up a portion of our abundance in order to help someone who has so few opportunities? For just $30 a month, you can change a child’s life.

Would you please help us match these 40 children with sponsors?

Currently, 120 children are going to school thanks to the Student Sponsorship Program. That is why the 40 in 40 Campaign is so important – we need 40 new sponsorships to increase our overall number to 160, our 2014 goal.

Coleen Colton, the Remember Niger Coalition Chair and current sponsor is a believer in this program! She writes: I became a sponsor with a group of friends in 2011 and have enjoyed receiving the updates! I am always amazed by the differences I see in Leatou! She is growing, learning and becoming the person God created her to be. That’s the power of quality education. It’s exciting to think about the possibilities that are now open to her. I feel fortunate that I have this opportunity to make such a big difference in one person’s life!

Are you already a sponsor? Have you told your friends and family members about the children you sponsor?

Have you bragged about their potential and proudly shown their pictures to your work colleagues, neighbors, or the people in your clubs, organizations and activities? Your enthusiasm has a ripple effect. You may not realize how much power you have: the power to inspire the people around you to make a difference! Please help us reach our goal by asking them to sponsor a child.

Sponsor a child in Niger, Africa

Become a Sponsor – 3 Easy Ways

Act Now – Become a Sponsor

We have 40 children waiting to know that a sponsor will support them! It is only $30 per month or $360 per year.

There are three easy ways to let us know you want to become a sponsor:

  1. Visit the Home Page or Sponsorships Page to sponsor a specific student.
  2. Send an email to Kara VanderKamp. Mail a donation check to the address listed on home page (or below).
  3. Do you wish to sponsor a student but would like us to select the student? Visit our Sponsorships Page and choose a New Sponsor donate button on the right of that page. We will contact you with the name and information about your student.

Through our 40 in 40 Campaign, we are helping children become students.