40 Sponsors in 40 Days

The idea of the sponsorship campaign, 40 sponsors during the 40 days of Lent, came out of a suggestion by a long-time supporter.  I had returned from the January Niger trip with the knowledge that our EERN colleagues had been very inspired by the newly developed sponsorship program and found more students – girls – in the villages.  Frankly, we hadn’t yet found sponsors for these girls or for some of the other students who were seeking sponsors.  In total there were more than 50 students who needed sponsors.

With the help of our Remember Niger team, and especially the coordinator of our sponsorship program, Pat McKisson, we were able to find sponsors for a total of 49 (make that now 50!) students.   And, others donated to the program without specifically sponsoring a child.

To say this is exciting is an understatement!

Thank you to all who are now sponsors, to all who spread the word, and to all who support us in all sorts of ways.