A heart-warming visit to our schools

Newly constructed bed and desk, and Ibrahim and Isti

We’ve had the opportunity to visit two of the three schools we support.  I’m so happy to see the progress that has been made!  I found out that 10 new girls are now attending the boarding school because of our new sponsorship program.  When the director learned about the program, he went into the village and found girls whose families are too poor to send them to school.  The parents were thrilled that their daughters are now able to get a great education.  News like this warms my heart and inspires me work even harder to ensure that more kids get to go to school!

I was also very happy to see the new school at Aguie.  It’s so great to see the building completed and children being taught in classrooms.  The teachers and students couldn’t be more pleased!  Considering how windy, dusty and cold it is, it’s great to know that they are warm and protected from the elements.  It’s amazing that 60 degrees can feel soooo cold to Nigeriens.  It’s not uncommon to see people wearing winter coats!

One of the biggest needs at all of the schools seems to be desks for the students and beds at the boarding school. We were able to raise enough money at alternative markets in November and December for 15 desks and 5 beds.  But that just scratches the surface of what is needed. In total, we need between 30 and 40 more desks and 15 more beds.

The photo shows a newly constructed bed and desk.  Also shown are Ibrahim, the EERNs Education Committee President and Isti, the Director of the Tsibiri School.

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