A Lasting Impression

We are thankful to have great church partners who value building strong relationships with our partners in Niger. This year, Georgetown Presbyterian Church in Washington, DC and Sunrise Ministries in Hudsonville, Michigan sent volunteers to Niger. Santo, a volunteer from Sunrise Ministries, traveled there this past summer. It was a trip that focused on helping to make repairs to the boarding school, but included so much more! Read his descriptions below. If you or your group are interested in learning more about traveling to Niger, please contact us.

“It was very clear that all the directors, teachers, and faculty at the schools I visited had the children and their education as their top priorities. That was one of the main highlights of my trip; seeing the passion the educators have for the children. The look on their faces was pure joy when they saw the desks being repaired and the murals being painted. The thing that stuck with me throughout the trip was that every educator said, “ I can’t wait for the children to see this. They will be so excited!”

“I sat down with a local soapstone craftsman and learned the art of carving it. The artist in me was amazed at the skill and care they put into each carving.

Another highlight of my trip was the food. All the local dishes were very delicious. I was eager to try any dish they put in front of me and I was happy I did so. With good food comes great conversation. Though communication wasn’t always easy, I had Kara there to help and I was able to have many non-verbal conversations if she wasn’t around. We discussed all sorts of topics ranging from family life to politics.

Although I was only there for a short while, Niger left an impression on me that will stay with me forever. The country has an energy that overtakes you, it fills you with excitement. The people are very welcoming and friendly. When leaving, every person I met said “Safe travels and I look forward to seeing you when you come back”. I can’t wait to return. Over all this trip was humbling, exciting, it put me out of my comfort zone and it was fun!”