A letter of thanks from Ibrahim

Dear friends,

It is with great pleasure that I send you this letter to express our thanks and our deep gratitude for making it possible for us to distribute food to the families of our most needy students.

You are making a huge contribution and improving the living conditions of children and their parents. In the country of Niger, the main economic activity of many families is agriculture and livestock. The fall harvest was very catastrophic this year, so in this month of April the food situation is chaotic. It is already very difficult for parents to provide for food for their children, and the situation is much worse with this pandemic of COVID-19. Thanks to your support, households will have enough to eat for three to four weeks, which explains why this action gives life and hope to these families.  It relieves them and gives them strength during this period of confinement. It is truly an act of love, which will ripple out into the communities. All the beneficiaries are very grateful and send you their warm thanks.

God bless you,

Ibrahim Abdou