A Successful Trip, by Kara

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It takes much effort and participation by a lot of people to ensure a successful trip to Niger. For that reason I want to say thank you to everyone who helped make this recent trip a success! Many people gave letters and support for our students, others provided soccer jerseys and freeze-dried meals, and we were encouraged with kind letters and words along the way.

I am very thankful for our participants who were open to a new culture and for the joy that they brought to the students and schools we support. They encountered new foods, languages they do not speak, heat well into the 100s, dust storms, a 13-hour drive across the country (in the heat without AC), jet lag and other challenges. And yet, they kept a great attitude and a smile on their faces. It was a lot of fun to watch them play games and develop relationships with the children, and it was interesting to hear their observations. It gave me the opportunity to view Niger anew through their eyes. It has been fun to go back and read their blog posts now that we are back in the US. Thank you to everyone who financially and prayerfully supported us!

I also need to say thank you to our partners and friends in Niger who provided us with wonderful hospitality and worked tirelessly to make certain that we had everything we needed, including nice places to stay, good food, transportation and a better understanding of their community and culture. We are lucky to have such great partners who are kind and generous and have a compelling vision for the future of their country.

Please contact me if you’re interested in participating in a trip to Niger in the future! To quote Alex, one of our participants on this past trip: “It’s a game-changer!” Or, put differently – it’s a life-changing experience.



p.s., Here is a link to all of the blog posts written by Anne, Kylee, Catherine and Alex during our trip:  https://www.rememberniger.org/category/niger-mission-trips/niger-trip-april-2015/