Abner – Confident, likes “La Morale”

Abner and other boys

Abner is the small boy in front in the photo, with two other sponsored students

Abner is a small, young boy who is extremely confident.  We were sitting around chatting with 5 or 6 of the sponsorship students, learning more about who they are and their dreams for the future when we met Abner.

Most of the students were somewhat timid and when asked about their favorite subject would say things like history or geography.  So, when we asked Abner about his favorite subject, we were surprised to learn that “La Morale” is what he enjoys.  My initial reaction was that we must have a spiritual leader in our midst, but when we dug deeper it turns out that he really likes order and is a “rule follower.”  He told us that he likes “la Morale” or “Civics” because he doesn’t like to be late and wants everything to start on time.  I guess it’s not too surprising that he wants to be in the National Guard when he grows up.  In fact, when the principal said something to him in the local language, Abner smiled, stood up and gave us a fine military salute!  With his intelligence and confidence, along with the opportunity to go to a great school, I have no doubt that he can be anything that he wants to be!