About Remember Niger

We envision a society transformed socially, spiritually and economically through expanded quality educational opportunities.
Remember Niger supports several partners in Niger in their endeavor to transform their society. They are responding to the needs of their country by developing and executing long-term plans to operate a quality education system, which will include various types of education at every level.


The mission of the Remember Niger Coalition is to unify people and mobilize resources in order to expand quality educational opportunities in Niger. We are unique in that we partner with and support Nigeriens who have a remarkable vision for their country.

We Serve

While committed to assisting all Nigeriens in accessing quality educational opportunities, the Remember Niger Coalition is particularly concerned with helping people who are under-represented in education and leadership roles and have the fewest opportunities in Nigerien society, including young women and girls, orphans and widows, the deaf community, the disabled and the poor.

The Remember Niger Coalition uses a collaborative model of partnership, in which we work side by-side with Nigerien educational institutions, including churches, associations and non-profit organizations. We are committed to building strong relationships with our partners, which we see as fundamental to achieving our shared goals. The foundation of our partnerships consists of three core values: Respect, Trust and a Passion for providing quality educational opportunities to all Nigerien children and youth.

Remember Niger Coalition works in both private and public school communities in 5 of the 7 administrative regions in Niger. We currently have 10 partners, of which 8 are schools and 2 are education centers. Our Primary Partner is the l’Elise Evangelique de la Republique de Niger (EERN), a protestant denomination that has over 5,000 members in 100 churches spread throughout Niger. In addition, we support students at the Niger Deaf School which is a public school operated by the Niger Association for the Deaf. In 2016, we added the Hamsa Girls’ Education Center as a partner, and in 2017 we initiated working with the Maradi Handicap Center to start a tutoring program for students with disabilities and children whose parents have disabilities.

How We Accomplish Our Mission

  • The vision and plan for each school system stems from Nigeriens who “own” and have a large stake in the project. Partners can be confident that their contributions will be used prudently.
  • Remember Niger assists the leaders in Niger in setting priorities and coordinates support accordingly. Partners can be certain that their contributions and participation will be fruitful and effective.
  • Remember Niger is a small non-profit organization. This allows partners to tailor their funding, see the impact it has through updates, presentations and cultural exchanges, as well as have a direct relationship with their partners in Niger, if desired.
  • Remember Niger continually recruits new partners, which multiplies the impact of existing support.

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Governing Documents & Financial Statements

All governing documents and filings, including the most recent IRS Form 990, IRS Form 1023, IRS Determination Letter, By-Laws, and Articles of Incorporation are available upon request.  Summary financial statements are published in print via our Annual Report, and are also available on our website’s Annual Report page.  Please contact us if you would like additional information.