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2017_Niger_Deaf SchoolThe Remember Niger Coalition is looking for opportunities to bring to light the situation in Niger. We have already transformed numerous lives in Niger through our mission of providing hope and educational opportunities for children. Yet, we need help to get the word out about the reality of Niger!

Not only will this benefit the people we serve, it will help everyone who hears about Niger better understand his or her own blessings. We appreciate the opportunity to share our story, with the hope of inspiring you and members of your church or organization to share the vision of a new future in Niger.

Invest a moment of your life in the future of Niger

While many people are touched and moved by the reality of life in Niger, it is not always possible for individuals and churches to make a long-term commitment to this project.

Because resources go so far in Niger, we can make a large impact on lives in Niger through one-time events and activities. For example, just $420 dollars per year will provide an education sponsorship for a year. This helps to provide for well-trained teachers, facilities and supplies.

Through one-time gifts and hosting special fundraisers, churches or organizations can make a big impact on Niger. These events often attract people from the community and can help get the word out that you believe in service and justice.


Travel to Niger with the Remember Niger Coalition

Traveling with the Remember Niger Coalition gave me the opportunity to discover what a wonderful country Niger is! I was able to see firsthand who my fundraising and advocacy efforts were benefiting. The people of Niger never failed to help me feel comfortable and welcome.

Learn more about traveling to Niger with Remember Niger Coalition

Learn more about traveling to Niger with Remember Niger Coalition

Travel Goals

  • Visit schools and spend time with students supported by Remember Niger
  • Meet with school officials
  • Provide thorough and meaningful updates for supporters back home
  • Visit and present in churches and classrooms

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To learn more, open the brochure about traveling to Niger.  If you are interested, please contact us.


Make a lasting impression on Niger

Individuals, churches and organizations can become Mission Partners with Remember Niger. You will be able to see real results as we continue to develop and expand our work in Niger together.

As schools go up and more children are given the opportunity to rise out of poverty and attend Christian school, you will begin to see positive transformation in the lives of Nigeriens year after year. As a Mission Partner, your relationship with the people you serve will impact you as much as it impacts them!

Bring others into the Remember Niger Coalition

Poverty and suffering can be overwhelming, and we can easily feel like they are too big for us to make a real impact. However, through your focused efforts with the Remember Niger Coalition, you will make a difference in the lives of those who are struggling for a better tomorrow.

Although none of us can do everything needed to improve the situation in Niger by ourselves, each of us can do something. It is our vision that the combined efforts of many people will produce a great change in Niger.

Our organization needs small groups of people who will multiply the efforts of Remember Niger – recruit others to spread the word, share the vision and join our effort! It is our prayer that you will consider making this commitment to form a chapter in your region of those who are dedicated to the work of Remember Niger.