Strategic Plan

Niger has one of the highest birthrates in the world and is among those countries with the highest mortality rates. The majority of Nigeriens have never walked into a classroom and only 38% of school aged children attend primary school and 11% attend secondary school. The lack of educational opportunities for girls is particularly severe, with only 9% of girls entering secondary school. Research shows that educating girls and young women is an important factor in lowering the birthrate, increasing the average age that young women and girls marry, and increasing the rate that women send their children to school. In other words, educating girls and women is critical to the development of a society. Public schools in Niger often struggle with a lack of funding, teachers, supplies, and inconsistent support. Remember Niger is working to enhance educational opportunities by partnering with the leaders of local Nigerian organizations and schools who are creating quality educational programs.

The Remember Niger Coalition Strategic Plan for 2018-2021 outlines our Core Values, Mission, Vision, and Goals that will lead to quality education in Niger. The Plan describes our objectives for greater impact, our capacity and sustainability to reach these goals, and outlines how we will monitor and measure our progress.

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We welcome your comments, as well as your partnership in different ways towards achieving the objectives in the Strategic Plan. 

Thank you,

Kara VanderKamp, Executive Director.