aguie-ibrahimI had a great time at the primary school in Aguie. So much happened and was accomplished during my 3-day visit. I worked on art projects with each of the classes and met with the teachers and directress. Admittedly, I had the most fun when I was working with the older children. The 3rd grade students really enjoyed creating self portraits. By using mirrors and detailed instructions the kids did a great job and had a fun time in the process – a lot of laughter could be heard. The 4th graders created murals. We drew animals and painted flowers and then added a landscape and homes. The final products didn’t turn out exactly how I expected, but they’re very interesting none the less. I’m planning on bringing some samples home with me, so let me know if you want to see them.

Aguie teachers and EERN committee in 2011The school construction committee and the architect met on Wednesday morning.  Last year we received a sizable donation to build a three-classroom building.  I’m happy to report that all of the paper work for the government has been completed and we are just waiting to receive bids from contractors. The architect informed me that construction will begin the first week of April and will be completed by the middle of June at the latest. The picture above is of the committee standing in front of the site where the school will be built.

aguie_vaccineA group from the government came to give immunizations to the younger kids while I was there. Most Nigerien children receive Tetnus, Measles, Polio and Yellow Fever vaccines. If there is an epidemic, Meningitis vaccines are also given.

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