Art in Zinder

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Zinder student using art supplies - chicken/hand drawingHouge

I just spent three great days in Zinder, where I worked with the EERN primary school. I stayed with Pastor Labo and his wife, who were so nice and helpful. It was really a pleasure staying with them. I also enjoyed working with the children and teachers at the school. My objectives included doing art projects with the kids, getting to know the staff and students better, and gaining a better understanding of how the school operates.

While we had fun making masks, drawing and coloring fish and other animals, the one project that seemed to always amaze the teachers and students was the “hand into chicken” trick/drawing. In the United States, almost all students have used their hands to make turkeys at Thanksgiving. Yet, because this is something that most kids in Niger have yet to do, I feel a bit like a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat when I explain how it works. It was very cute when I introduced this project to the pre-school kids. After their teacher translated word for word that we were going to “make chickens with our hands” they all looked around in amazement. The teacher started laughing and told me that the kids thought that we were going to make real chickens.
Zinder students using art supplies