At the Tsibiri School

My heart sings for joy because the people we interact with here in Niger are full of God’s love.  They also exhibit the other fruits of the spirit such as kindness, gentleness, long-suffering, peace, joy, etc..  It is a privilege to be here and realize I have much to do to share my abundance of material wealth with them.

This morning, a warm spring-like overcast day (because of sand blowing in the atmosphere, not actually clouds), was spent at the school in Tsibiri.  Kara interviewed students who have U. S. sponsors while they were videotaped by a professional videographer.  I observed a second grade class.  The class was taught by a new male teacher (he’s had one year of experience.)  There are 78 students in this second grade class!

Every student shared desk space and books with, at least, one other student.  (This is common in Nigerien schools.) But, he captured the students attention.    He tried to include everyone in active participation going over arithmetic, reading and French.  (If the student goes on to high school he/she may choose to take English.)

Since Tsibiri students are mostly boarding students, they and the teachers had breakfast and lunch while I was there.  The food is prepared by young women in the town.  Cooking is done outside, and breakfast was boiled potatoes with a little tomato sauce.  The lunch consisted of beans and rice.  Occasionally, they eat meat but not every day.  I was told that the children eat more and healthier at school than they would at home.