Nigerien Independence Day

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As July, the month of our Independence, passes by, we look forward to another celebration of Independence! This time, however, we are talking about Nigerien Independence Day! The formal independence of Niger was declared from France on August 3rd, 1960. … Continued

Sibling SUCCESS!

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We are humbled and thankful for the ways your support is helping people in need in Niger. Mariama’s brother graduated from the boarding school we support several years ago. He received an excellent education and was at the top of … Continued

A Mother’s Gratitude

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Chizoba (Chee-zoe-ba) is one of our sponsored students who has attended the Madaoua School since its beginning. Her mother asked Kara during a recent visit tell Chizoba’s sponsor and all of our donors and partners “Thank you!” She said, “Parents … Continued

Parent-teacher conference

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Typically, there is little to no communication between parents and teachers in Nigerien public schools. However, while visiting Aguie Primary, a Remember Niger supported school, Headmistress Leahtou introduced us to a mother who just completed a parent-teacher conference. The young … Continued