A Nigerien Meal

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I had dinner with Ibrahim, Hadiza and their son Samuel yesterday evening. Ibrahim is the president of the education committee and the permanent secretary of the EERN (the denomination the Remember Niger Coalition partners with). Ibrahim and Hadiza, who are … Continued

Teacher Training Scholarships

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One way the Remember Niger Coalition supports the schools in Niger is by giving teacher training scholarships to future teachers. I met with two of the scholarship recipients this morning. It’s always a lot of fun to talk with the … Continued

Friends and Buses

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I left Washington DC on Monday afternoon and arrived in Niger on Tuesday evening. There was at least 3 feet of snow in DC when I left, and upon arriving at 5pm in Niamey (the capital of Niger) the temperature … Continued


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I just wanted to give a quick update regarding the coup in Niger. I’ve received quite a few emails regarding my safety. I can assure you that everything is peaceful in Niger, and life seems to be continuing on as … Continued

Why We Act

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Children begging for money with rusted tin bowls offers insight into the extreme lack of educational opportunities in Niger. These children are trying to collect enough money to attend a Koranic School. For West African parents, sending their children to … Continued