Building Schools Together: How it Works, by Kara

In Niger, schools come to life through planning, hard work, quality craftsmanship and perseverance, often over the period of several years.  Local church members envision a school for their children and their neighbors’ children.  They want them to have the opportunity to realize their God given potential.

  1. Often it begins with a parcel of land.  Then they form a committee with community members.
  2. The committee creates a detailed, step by step plan.
  3. A kindergarten is started in an existing or temporary building.
  4. They apply for official recognition from the federal government.
  5. Along the way, they raise funds to construct a permanent school building.

That is where we, the Remember Niger Coalition, enter the process.  Their vision becomes our vision!


Laying the Foundation

I am excited to announce that we will raise funds this year to build a new school building in Madaoua.  The local church already has property and they will start with a kindergarten class this fall.  We will raise the funds through our annual “Laying the Foundation Campaign” during the month of June.  There are already over sixty children who attend Sunday School classes. Parents and church members are constantly asking for help to build a school.   We invite you to help us by donating a brick, row of bricks, or an entire wall.