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Celebrating Your Big Results!

Starting on September 24th through October 9, hundreds of supporters from Michigan, Minnesota, DC, and South Carolina rallied at bike races, runs, walks, and held a pancake breakfast, to raise over $32,000 to send children to school in Niger. At the same time, they also introduced our mission to over […]

Solar Powered Schools, Here We Come!

Niger is quite rich in sun, as many of us know well, especially because the sun is the center of the Nigerien flag! We are excited to finally share with you that soon, we will be able to take advantage of this valuable and plentiful natural resource. It requires an […]

That Middle School Update You’ve All Been Waiting On

The middle school looks great, feels great, smells great… well you get the picture! It’s exciting to see it already taking shape and progressing since we completed the Laying the Foundation Campaign in June. Here’s a cool update for you, that even I have just learned: our partners in Niger […]

New Wall at Tsibiri!

The Rotary International Grant had funded a new wall for the Tsibiri school.  It is really well constructed!!  The school has needed one for many years, and it is wonderful to have it finished.

From Dream to Reality

I had a great trip to Zinder!  It’s amazing to see how far that school has come!  When I first came to Niger in 2006, they were just starting construction on the first building. The notion of children being educated on the campus was still a dream.  Now, six years later, […]

Fall 2011 Updates

Niger officially gained its independence from France on August 3, 1960. In 1975, tree planting became a tradition throughout Niger in order to mark the day and to prevent the desert from advancing further into croplands. The 2011 summer volunteers and I had the great privilege of participating in this […]


  I had a great time at the primary school in Aguie. So much happened and was accomplished during my 3-day visit. I worked on art projects with each of the classes and met with the teachers and directress. Admittedly, I had the most fun when I was working with […]

December 2010 Update

Among this year’s exciting news is an extremely generous gift by an anonymous donor. With this donation Remember Niger started an endowment for the schools in Niger and is building a new primary school in Aguie. The current school structure in Aguie has walls made of sticks and grass; the […]