Enjoying Niamey

One day last week we drove around Niamey in Maman’s taxi, tending to various errands. With the windows rolled down and the wind on our faces, I had a truly enjoyable and interesting day getting to know Ibrahim’s brother. The time seemed … Continued

Where are they now?

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What do students of the schools we support do after they graduate? Where do they work? How does a quality education impact their lives? Statistics tell us that a quality education equals an improved quality of life for people in … Continued

First Day Errands and Nigerien Facts

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We were greeted at the airport by Jeremy Beebout when we arrived on Sunday. Jeremy and his wife are missionaries with the Reformed Church in America. Jeremy works in the area of development, which includes setting up medical clinics. Susan … Continued

Sunday Worship and Traffic

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For us, in the US, a worship service on Sunday morning seems long if it goes over an hour. However, Nigerien Christians expect to be in worship for two hours or longer every Sunday morning. Besides the length of the … Continued

Sunday in Maradi, Niger

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We experienced another beautiful day here in Niger! Occasionally, someone will comment to me that they have read about the very cold weather we have at this time. I remind them that we also experience snow and ice and he … Continued

Time In Niger

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Before I left, a frequent question that came up was, “What will you do in Niger?”  I answered it as best I could knowing our high level objectives.  I remember asking it when my mother was on her two trips … Continued