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Les Arbres in the Garden

I toured the garden while I was in Niger just a few weeks ago, and I learned a lot about “les arbres” in Niger! Originally, I thought that we would provide only lime, lemon, papaya and mango trees with the funds raised during the Rally for Niger. As it turns […]

Our Day at Aguie Primary School

On Monday, we spent the morning at the Aguie Primary School. Here are some observations and stories… Trees Our volunteer group had the opportunity to plant trees at the Aguie School when we were here three years ago. Of the 7-8 trees that were planted at that time only one […]

Efforts to treat malaria at the schools (by Karen Pepin)

Colorful clothes, backpacks with cartoon characters, smiles, and inquisitive eyes. All these images struck me as the students entered the classroom and neatly arranged themselves on the long wooden benches. Visiting Zinder on Friday, we spent time taking photos of each of the sponsored children. What fun it was to […]

My visit continues…

I spent the last few days in Niamey and then traveling back to Maradi. While the 9-10 hour ride from Niamey to Maradi is really interesting, it’s tiring as well.  It’s a two lane road that is always busy with people, bikers, donkeys and carts, semi trucks,  buses and other […]

Visits to a local mission hospital

Karissa and Rae Ann both expressed an interest in visiting clinics and hospitals while we’re in Niger.  We were very fortunate that the doctor at the local mission hospital was willing to let them shadow him a couple of mornings this week.  Since he’s currently the only doctor at the […]

Food in Niger

Last Fall, many generous people in the US gave money to the Remember Niger Coalition so that all of the kindergarten students and the most needy students would be given a meal each day. I was very happy to see that happening at the Zinder primary school! The children and […]

Busy and Hot

I took Ruth to the airport in Niamey this past Tuesday night. Hopefully, she made it back to her home in Minnesota by now! Niamey is like all big cities in that everyone seems to be in a hurry. Also, it is usually 5 – 10 degrees hotter and more […]

Food Crisis

Niger is facing its worst food crisis in its history with almost half the population – or 7.3 million people – in desperate need of food.  While famine is a chronic problem for Niger, it is particularly dire this year because of the poor crops last fall and the summer […]