Education Matters Fall 2014

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Rally for Niger – 2014

RALLY FOR MEALS, FRUIT TREES, GARDEN PATCHES, SCHOOL SUPPLIES & DESKS The Rally for Niger event began five years ago with one supporter biking 50 miles to raise money to make a difference in Niger. Last year there were well over 100 participants having a lot of fun doing everything […]

Laying the Foundation – Madaoua Update

Good news travels fast! Ibrahim, the administrator of the schools we support, called recently to let me know that the leaders in Madaoua, the site of the next school, have raised the funds needed to apply for official recognition with the government. This was no small feat for the church […]

The Results Are In!

Ninety-nine percent of our students passed the national exam! I received this email from Ibrahim regarding the results of the exam that every sixth-grader must pass in order to go on to middle school: 87 out of 88 sixth-grade students in the schools we support passed the exam and will […]

What Would You Eat At School In Niger?

Kids love snacks, and parents want those snacks to be healthful.  This is true just about anywhere you go, including Niger.  So when the students at our schools are out playing at recess, they are always glad to see the Snack Lady! The snack ladies are local entrepreneurs who prepare […]

Nigerien Recipe – Try It Yourself

“Foy Cirey Sauce over couscous is one of my favorite Nigerien dishes. In fact, I feel like I’m in Niger whenever I make it in the US!” Kara VanderKamp, Director, Remember Niger Coalition

Ask Kuba

This is a forum in which Kuba the Giraffe answers questions about Niger and the schools we support. Please send us your question by email to Kara, at I have heard “Niger” pronounced in two ways. How do you pronounce it? Because Niger was a French colony, we use […]

Focus on: Paul Colton, Treasurer

Paul Colton has served as the RNC Treasurer since 2013.  He and his family live in the Twin Cities.  As an avid biker he rides on most days (weather permitting)  to the Metropolitan Council, in Downtown St. Paul, where he works as a public transit fleet manager.  The Rally for […]