Niger Trip July 2016

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Feeling Inspired

Last month, we had the exciting privilege of visiting a school on an old French military base, Mirriah. This school uses the base’s remaining historical buildings as its classrooms. You may remember that Niger was colonized by the French from around 1922 to 1960. So, it was as if we […]

Solar Powered Schools, Here We Come!

Niger is quite rich in sun, as many of us know well, especially because the sun is the center of the Nigerien flag! We are excited to finally share with you that soon, we will be able to take advantage of this valuable and plentiful natural resource. It requires an […]

Enjoying Niamey

One day last week we drove around Niamey in Maman’s taxi, tending to various errands. With the windows rolled down and the wind on our faces, I had a truly enjoyable and interesting day getting to know Ibrahim’s brother. The time seemed to fly by as we traveled around and Maman’s stories […]

We are thrilled for Houge!

This trip to Niger was full of exciting and heartwarming updates! I had the opportunity to catch up with our friend, Houge. Many of you have been following her story for years as she has been frequently highlighted as the first student to receive an RN Student Sponsorship and Secondary […]

That Middle School Update You’ve All Been Waiting On

The middle school looks great, feels great, smells great… well you get the picture! It’s exciting to see it already taking shape and progressing since we completed the Laying the Foundation Campaign in June. Here’s a cool update for you, that even I have just learned: our partners in Niger […]

Do you remember Nana?

Last spring, I wrote to you about Nana and her sister. You may remember that when I asked her why she would rather be at boarding school than home with her mom, she revealed that at school she feels free. She feels free to be the person that God created […]

Incredible Exam Results!

I’m so excited to report to you that the sixth-grade exam pass rate for the schools we support is nearly 100% again this year! The exam I’m referring to is the one students must pass in order to exit primary school and continue on to middle school. This year, 144 […]

“We Must Try”

“Every year, the girls wail and cry and throw themselves on the floor of the classrooms if they find out that they did not pass their exams.” Last night, I met with a kind and passionate woman named Mariama. We intended to discuss the primary school that she and her church […]

A Gracious Welcome

Moments after my plane touched down in Niger this week, I was graciously welcomed with a delicious, traditional Nigerien meal. The opportunity to relax and indulge in lamb stew, rice, couscous, and cabbage triggered my mind and body to fully comprehend that I was back in Niger. What a great […]