Niger Trip March 2014

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The Gentle Giant, by David

Observing and shadowing a dynamic principal can be an inspiring event. Isti Garba, the director (aka principal) of Tsibiri Primary Boarding School, is an impressive man.  He inspired and amazed me, a veteran middle school principal from Charleston, South Carolina. Isti is cheerful, stern but compassionate, child centered, a great […]

Abner – Confident, likes “La Morale”

Abner is a small, young boy who is extremely confident.  We were sitting around chatting with 5 or 6 of the sponsorship students, learning more about who they are and their dreams for the future when we met Abner. Most of the students were somewhat timid and when asked about […]

Tsahirou – Confident and Ready for Next Chapter

It was really great to see all of our sponsorship students again!  Some of the students have been in the program for nearly 3 years now, and it’s wonderful to see how they have grown and progressed. Many of you have heard me speak about Tsahirou, a 6th grade student […]

Bloom Where You Are Planted

As a Remember Niger sponsor and volunteer translator/interpreter, I was given the extraordinary opportunity during our trip to meet the girls that my family, friends and I support.  On Tuesday and Wednesday this week I got to see them at the Tsibiri boarding school.  I shook their hands, spoke to […]

Breaking news on the front, by Alex

Yesterday morning, multiple long-term projects came to fruition as RNC hygiene team member Alex implemented a part of his thesis to a very responsive and enthusiastic group of 6th graders. With the help RNC language team member Coleen, we all worked closely with Tsibiri’s best-of-the-best to create miniature wooden bridges […]

Marie I., a sponsored student

Today I met Mariama I. (her nickname is Marie), one of the youngest sponsorship students.  Marie comes from a family that is a member of the Fulani people group, which is different from the majority of our students who are Hausa.  The Fulani are semi-nomadic people who often live in […]

Quite the adventure – but met with resounding SUCCESS!

The RNC team woke up nice and early on Tuesday so we could complete the 3.5 hour drive East to Zinder. The journey featured many sites including plateaus, large rock formations, and authentic African scenery. We arrived in Zinder around 10:30 AM. The primary school there is smaller than the […]

Everyone has a travel horror story | A warm welcome

Everyone has a travel horror story. If you get a chance, ask Alex or David about their flight woes: mechanical problems, a missed connection, an unanticipated night in a New York hotel, and the frustration of losing a day of an adventure that was only ten days long to begin […]