Niger Trip March 2016

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Joy through a soccer ball, by Pastor James York

During my visits to the schools in Niger I wanted to give them something that would fill them with lasting joy. I decided on giving each school a couple of soccer balls. During the picture time a boy kept coming up to me smiling, making eye contact and politely speaking […]

Kara’s focused compassion, by Pastor James York

This was my first trip to Niger, Africa. The need overwhelmed me, hunger, sparse places to sleep, limited fresh water, meager schools, not enough schools. Kara radiated focused compassion. Kara saw the need, knows the resources available, has vibrant relationships and focused compassion to effectively transform lives, schools, communities and […]

Intertwined to produce lasting fruitful love, by Pastor James York

Jesus says he is the vine. We are the branches. Together we produce fruit, love, that will last (John 15:1-17). Each person is a unique strand that reveals an aspect of God strengthening everyone. Together, supporting one another we grow in receiving love from God and each other and sharing […]

Kindergarten, Here We Come!

Maybe you’ve heard this little song (sung to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star): Kindergarten here we come We know we’ll have lots of fun Lots of things to make and do Reading Writing Counting too Kindergarten here we come We know we’ll have lots of fun It doesn’t […]

The School is Alive! By Coleen Colton

We are driving away from the Tsibiri boarding school after a too-brief visit. I feel my heart being tugged back to that shady little corner of the village, where the children are singing, reciting, running, smiling, playing, learning. The first time I came to Niger in the summer of 2010, […]

The Disappearing and Reappearing Computers

Our volunteer team drove up to the Aguie school near the end of the day to a warm welcome. James gave a little sermon to the older students about love while Coleen translated, Kara took class pictures, Tricia handed out messages from donors, and Jean was able to meet with […]