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A Lasting Impression

We are thankful to have great church partners who value building strong relationships with our partners in Niger. This year, Georgetown Presbyterian Church in Washington, DC and Sunrise Ministries in Hudsonville, Michigan sent volunteers to Niger. Santo, a volunteer from Sunrise Ministries, traveled there this past summer. It was a […]

Georgetown Presbyterian Church travels to Niger

Thoughts from Chris Chatelaine-Samsen, mission pastor at GPC, after returning from their mission trip to Niger. “We found high-achieving students, as well as teachers and administrators who are hard-working, smart, and resourceful with limited finances.” “I was thrilled that Georgetown Presbyterian Church was able to sponsor a trip to Niger […]

Exploring Tahoua – Char’s Perspective

We have recently begun some new projects in Tahoua, a city a bit north of where we have built and partnered in the past. Between meetings and school visits, Kara and Char had some time to explore. Check out these fun photos!      

Scholarship Recipients: Hear Their Stories

We had the opportunity to meet with three scholarship recipients today. These young ladies are wonderfully intelligent and so friendly. It was truly a pleasure to get to know them on a more personal level. When we asked them why they wanted to stay in school, they said they are determined […]

Meet Our New Friends at the School for the Deaf

We have slowly developed a strong partnership with Capitol School for the Deaf during the past two years. It began when a mutual friend took us to the school for a visit. We were so impressed with the director, teachers, and students during the visit that we committed to supporting the […]

October 2014 Trip and Houge

Walking into a classroom full of very energetic children makes the long flights and lack of sleep worth it! Karen and I arrived in Niger Thursday evening and barely had time to close our eyes and sleep before we were off on another 3.5 hour flight from Niamey to Zinder. […]

January 2013 Trip – First Days

After two long, but good flights (Minneapolis to Paris and Paris to Niamey) Kara and I arrived in Niamey about 4pm on Wednesday.  We woke up early on Thursday to take another flight to Maradi, which is 2 hours east of Niamey by plane.  This beautiful sunny, warm day with […]

Niger Trip – 2013

In just a few days, I leave on another trip to Niger. Ruth Jones, a Remember Niger Coalition Board Member will join me in bringing the support we have received from all of you — donations, thoughts and prayers.  Here are our objectives and goals for this trip: See the […]

Back to Niamey!

We were thrilled that our return trip to Niamey went well. Thanks for all the prayers! This time the trip took just over 11 hours, far better than the 13 hours it took to get to Maradi. Currently, there is a section of the road, if you can call it that, […]

Time In Niger

Before I left, a frequent question that came up was, “What will you do in Niger?”  I answered it as best I could knowing our high level objectives.  I remember asking it when my mother was on her two trips to Niger, as well as the trip my niece Emily […]