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Exploring Tahoua – Char’s Perspective

We have recently begun some new projects in Tahoua, a city a bit north of where we have built and partnered in the past. Between meetings and school visits, Kara and Char had some time to explore. Check out these fun photos!      

Meet Our New Friends at the School for the Deaf

We have slowly developed a strong partnership with Capitol School for the Deaf during the past two years. It began when a mutual friend took us to the school for a visit. We were so impressed with the director, teachers, and students during the visit that we committed to supporting the […]

Solar Powered Schools, Here We Come!

Niger is quite rich in sun, as many of us know well, especially because the sun is the center of the Nigerien flag! We are excited to finally share with you that soon, we will be able to take advantage of this valuable and plentiful natural resource. It requires an […]

That Middle School Update You’ve All Been Waiting On

The middle school looks great, feels great, smells great… well you get the picture! It’s exciting to see it already taking shape and progressing since we completed the Laying the Foundation Campaign in June. Here’s a cool update for you, that even I have just learned: our partners in Niger […]

Cats and Ants

There is a very interesting looking cat at the school in Tsibiri – all white except for his very long tail and patches on his legs!  My favorite thing about him is the little white tip at the end of his tail.         The photos below show […]

Current Floods in Niger

I’ve forwarded a few tweets about the current flooding situation in Niger (see the Twitter feed on this page).  But, I saw it for myself as we were flying to Maradi from Niamey.  Niger has been experiencing heavy rainfall since the beginning of August. The worst affected areas are Maradi […]