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Intern Spotlight!

Over the past two weeks, Ashley Hall junior, Natalie Smith, has been interning with us. She’s visited with over 10 different classrooms of students of all ages to educate them about Niger and share about our mission. We are so thankful for her efforts to encourage excitement and support within […]

Scholarship Recipients: Hear Their Stories

We had the opportunity to meet with three scholarship recipients today. These young ladies are wonderfully intelligent and so friendly. It was truly a pleasure to get to know them on a more personal level. When we asked them why they wanted to stay in school, they said they are determined […]

Celebrating Your Big Results!

Starting on September 24th through October 9, hundreds of supporters from Michigan, Minnesota, DC, and South Carolina rallied at bike races, runs, walks, and held a pancake breakfast, to raise over $32,000 to send children to school in Niger. At the same time, they also introduced our mission to over […]

Solar Powered Schools, Here We Come!

Niger is quite rich in sun, as many of us know well, especially because the sun is the center of the Nigerien flag! We are excited to finally share with you that soon, we will be able to take advantage of this valuable and plentiful natural resource. It requires an […]

The Smith Boys’ “Far-Away Sister”

Matthew (12) and Austin (10) Smith’s family has been sponsoring Halimatou for almost four years. These boys have corresponded with Halimatou and they think of her as their far-away sister! We sent them a few questions to learn more about how their family’s sponsorship has influenced them. Why is it […]

A Letter from a Sponsor Family

Written by Leah DeYoung I am a parent of a child in the United States where my child wants so badly to go over to Niger to help. It makes me so proud. Lydia wants to make a difference and I couldn’t be more proud of that. I think she […]

Student Drawings

Art is not a traditional subject in Nigerien classrooms. But, when Kara is in Niger, it is an important part of interacting with the students.  Students in the sponsor program create cards for sponsors, usually using materials that our donors have provided.  The experience is quite new to some students.  […]

Quality Education and Dreaming of a Future

A child, when given the opportunity to attend school with a quality educational program, can dream about his or her future. We recently asked students in the sponsor program a few questions; “What do you want to be when you grow up” and “What is your favorite subject?”. Here are […]

40 – Success!!

We did it!! 40 students were sponsored during the 40 days in Lent! Many worked hard at spreading the word, asking friends, family and fellow church members to help us achieve this goal. Thank you! The sponsor program allows the poorest of the poor children in Niger the opportunity for […]


I’m happy to report that 33 children have been sponsored during the 40 in 40 Student Sponsorship Campaign so far! Thank you to everyone who has sponsored a child or provided support. Your generosity is making an enormous difference in the lives of children in Niger! That means that there […]