Chesterbrook Taiwanese Presbyterian Church – 30 Hour Famine


Chesterbrook Taiwanese Presbyterian Church – the 30 Hour Famine by their youth group raised more than $1,200 for students in Niger.

This month the youth group at Chesterbrook Taiwanese Presbyterian Church in Falls Church, Virginia presented the Remember Niger Coalition with a check for over $1,200. This was the first time that I had been presented with such a LARGE check! Mayline, a youth group leader, told me that members of their youth group had come up with the idea to participate in a 30-hour famine in order to raise money to support children in Niger. The funds will go towards the church’s sponsorships, which means that 5 Nigerien children, who otherwise would not have the opportunity, continue to receive a quality education.

This isn’t the first time that youth have raised funds for the Remember Niger Coalition and children in Niger. For the past four years, the youth group at James Island Presbyterian Church has participated in a hunger strike to raise funds for meals for Nigerien students. And, Footprints Academy in Woodbury, MN participated in the Rally for Niger last year. I’m always so impressed when young people empathize with and care for children in Niger, see a need they can fill and take the initiative to be a part of the solution.