Computer Lab Project

I return to Niger in a little over a month!  I’m eager to see my friends and colleagues, as well as the children we support.   The children are bright, enthusiastic, friendly, funny, thoughtful … It is a good reminder of why we’re doing what we do!

Our organization, working with the Evangelical Church of Niger (EERN), is dedicated to uniting people and mobilizing resources to expand quality educational opportunities in this West African nation.  Why Niger? The UN’s Human Index rates Niger as one of the least developed countries in the world, largely due to the fact that less than half its population has attended any schooling … resulting in a 70-percent illiteracy rate.

We need your help!  As high as the rate of illiteracy is, the standard of living is low.  Yearly incomes on the high end are barely the equivalent of $200.  We have been given an amazing opportunity to help Nigeriens begin to turn things around.  Improved education yields
long-term change not temporary fixes. Your contribution will go a long way toward helping us realize our three primary goals in Niger:

1)      To ensure educational opportunities are available to children throughout Niger;

2)      To ensure the education is of the highest quality;

3)      To ensure the capacity and sustainability of primary schools is increased.

Presently, we are focusing our efforts on a Computer Lab Capital Improvement Project.  Our technology-dependent world makes computers vital tools in education.  Equipping Nigeriens with the knowledge and abilities to transform their country require computer skills as much as basic literacy.

In July, a five-person team of volunteers will join me in bringing twelve (12) laptop computers to Zinder, Niger. In addition to setting up the computer lab, our team will train the teachers and directors of the Tsibiri Boarding School, the Aguie School, and the Zinder School.

Every dollar we raise makes a difference.  The cost of this project exceeds $20,000.  Each complete computer package is $1,700; $700 –  training for a teacher or administrator for a year; $500 – computer, software, mouse; $300 – a computer teacher’s salary for a year and; $200 – electricity for a year.

Please help us help turn around the lives of generations of Nigeriens with a contribution that will make our computer project a reality, as well as enable us to continue our work in Niger.  Donations can be made via our Donate page or by check.