Computers in Niger

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Students waiting to enter computer lab at Tsbiri schoolToday, I had the opportunity to observe a computer class at the Tsibiri Primary Boarding School. Half of the 5th grade students were waiting outside the classroom when I arrived. There are only 12 computers, so the teacher split the class in half. Even so, there are 2-3 students on every computer. The students in the second class were there almost an hour early because they were so excited to get to use the computers. Joel was already into the lesson for the day when I went into the classroom. The students were being introduced to the Word program for the first time. Joel is such a good teacher, and the students were very engaged. I was really happy to see the lab functioning so well. This summer we’re going to install a computer lab at the Zinder Primary School. Like last year we’ll help host a teacher training seminar while were there. Based on Joel’s feedback, we  decided to add a PowerPoint projector to each computer lab this year, and, in the future, we would like to add more computers.

Students at Tsibiri Computer Lab 2011Students at Tsibiri Computer Lab 2011