Education Matters, Spring 2014

Alex David Coleen Kara Samuel

From left to right: Samuel, Alex, David, Coleen and Kara

Dear Friends,

There was a definite sense of excitement and momentum while I was in Niger in March!  As we celebrate our 5 year anniversary, it was a privilege to bring volunteers to Niger.

They gave me the gift of seeing the country, community, schools, projects and children through a new set of eyes.  Coleen Colton, our board chairperson and three-time participant to Niger, remarked that,  “It was so encouraging and motivating to see the kids in the classrooms and spend time with our Nigerien colleagues.  So much progress has been made since the last time I was here two years ago!”  And David Parler, a school administrator, was impressed with the level of education that our partners provide to the children.  In a blog entry, David wrote, “There is quality teaching in each room with daily lesson plans on the chalk board, extensive written lesson plan books, quality, progressive classroom teaching, and strong classroom management.”  As a senior in high school, David’s son Alex brought a lot of energy and new ideas to the trip!  I admired the way he interacted with the students and it was a pleasure to watch him develop a friendship with our colleague Ibrahim’s son, Samuel.

Throughout the newsletter, you too will have the opportunity to see the schools through the eyes of Coleen, David and Alex. My hope is that you will feel the excitement and get caught up in the momentum when you read about our partners, the schools, the teachers and especially the children.

Kara VanderKamp, Executive Director

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