Enjoying Niamey

Ibrahim's brother mamane taxi

One day last week we drove around Niamey in Maman’s taxi, tending to various errands. With the windows rolled down and the wind on our faces, I had a truly enjoyable and interesting day getting to know Ibrahim’s brother. The time seemed to fly by as we traveled around and Maman’s stories flooded my mind with new information about Niamey and the culture of the city.

Ibrahim H and omlets 2
I learned that traffic is especially heavy on Saturdays during this time of year because of the large number of weddings. August is prime wedding season in Niger. Parents will rent big tents and plastic chairs. People travel near and far to spend time and eat with their families.

Another thing I learned about? Fast food in Niger: yeah, it exists! On our way to airport to travel to our other schools, we pulled over to the side of the road for some “fast food,” where we each got an omelet! Omelets in Niger are scrambled eggs in a baguette. Always one to bring a bit of laughter into every situation, Ibrahim decided to show the young boy how to make the best omelet. 🙂