Even the Clouds are Dusty

The experience of flying into Niamey is one I hope to always remember. The color of the ground blended into the sky and the few clouds we saw really looked like they held sand, certainly not water or moisture.

Once we were on the ground, the landscape came more to life. There are more trees in Niamey than I expected but just as much sand and dust as I thought. Maybe more. Apparently the temperatures have not been as high (hot season has ended) and they have had a little rain. The humidity is, well, up there.

Just like any big city, Niamey is teeming with life — cars, motorcycles, bikes, goats, camels, buses, taxis, shops of all kinds and more. Pretty much anything goes, and rules seem optional. But it all seems to work.

I am looking forward to learning more about this very interesting, yet challenging, country!

— Cathy