Exploring Tahoua – Char’s Perspective

We have recently begun some new projects in Tahoua, a city a bit north of where we have built and partnered in the past. Between meetings and school visits, Kara and Char had some time to explore. Check out these fun photos!


“In Tahoua I came upon this woman who walked out of her way in 114 degree heat to say hello. The open warmth to foreigners is overwhelming and very much appreciated. Climate and life may be harsh here but the people are extremely kind.” – Char
“There is an ancient government system that is still culturally adhered to in Africa – without the Sarki nothing will be accepted or done. These [listed above] are the council positions.” – Char
“Meeting the Tahoua Sarki (Hausa King) Yup – Kara even got her own thrown!” – Char (Hausa is the tribe most prominent in Niger. Most of our students are of the Hausa tribe.)



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