Fathers of Sponsored Students

Ibrahim and his son at the Aguie Primary School

Ibrahim and his son at the Aguie Primary School

Ibrahim is the father of one of our sponsorship students at the Aguie School. He comes from a village about 30 kilometers from Aguie. He did not have the opportunity to go to school. In fact, no one in his village has gone to school or can read or write. He wants more for his children and thinks it’s important for them to attend school. All of his children, except the youngest goes to the public school. His youngest child is in the 2nd grade at the school we support. He says that although his son is only in his second year of school, he can already read and write better than his older siblings. I asked him why this was the case. He told me that it’s because the quality of education that he is receiving is so good. The teachers are very serious and take the time to get to know each of their students. They are invested in them and really want to see them succeed.



Hassane father of sponsorship student

Hassane and his son

Hassane is also the father of a Remember Niger Coalition sponsorship student. When he was a child his father sent him to school. But, after the first year he did not want to go back. Many of his friends did not attend and he thought that playing with them was a better option. His father said that he could quit, but he warned him that someday he would regret it. His father was right and Hassane never wants his children to regret not going to school like he does. He is very pleased that his son has been given a scholarship and has the opportunity to go to such a quality school. Without the sponsorship it would not be possible because Hassane is a subsistence farmer, which means his family eats what he grows. Outside of the growing season, he tries to get jobs to earn money, but it is very difficult to find work in his village. He wants to see his son go to school through the university so that he is able to get a good job.

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