Feeling Inspired

Mirriah 2Mirriah 1Last month, we had the exciting privilege of visiting a school on an old French military base, Mirriah. This school uses the base’s remaining historical buildings as its classrooms.

You may remember that Niger was colonized by the French from around 1922 to 1960. So, it was as if we were entering a museum or going back in time when we walked around Mirriah’s campus and admired its buildings. Most of us Remember Niger folk know from our many Laying the Foundation campaigns that one of the most daunting costs of forming and sustaining a school is the construction cost. Well, what an incredible way to avoid much of that cost while also repurposing such historical and interesting structures!

We were also quite impressed with the administrators and director of Mirriah. They have a well constructed and powerful vision for its future!

The parents in the area must agree, as each class had at least 60-70 students in attendance. In fact, there are so many students that they had to build temporary classrooms to meet the demand. How exciting to see this much enthusiasm for education!