Fleeing Niger

Hassane with Karen

Hassane with Board Member Karen Pepin and some of the students who are sponsored.

Last January, on what seemed to be a normal Saturday in Niger, one of our colleagues, Pastor Sani was alerted to the fact that mobs of people were burning and destroying churches in Niamey, the capital. He stayed in his house with his family, as he was advised. However, when his neighbors told him that a mob had reached the church where he is an assistant pastor, he and his family decided to leave. They “gathered all of the money around the house” and drove to a village in the bush where they have friends. When I asked him where in the bush, he told me that it was a village on the road to Burkina Faso. He figured that if things became too bad, they could escape to Burkina Faso and stay there for however long they needed to. It’s difficult to imagine leaving my home and country without warning and not knowing if and when I would return.