Food Crisis

Niger is facing its worst food crisis in its history with almost half the population – or 7.3 million people – in desperate need of food.  While famine is a chronic problem for Niger, it is particularly dire this year because of the poor crops last fall and the summer floods that displaced nearly 200,000 people.

Remember Niger is responding to this crisis. We are raising money for a program to ensure that the most needy children and kindergarten students at all Remember Niger supported schools receive, at minimum, one meal a day.

For approximately $2,000 per school we can make this happen, but we need your support. Please consider making a donation to help our schools’ youngest and most vulnerable children survive this difficult time.  During my most recent visit to Niger the school directors and teachers all shared just how much they would appreciate whatever our donors could give.  Thank you, in advance, from the bottom of their hearts and mine.

With gratitude, Kara