Good News from Tsibiri

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The school at Tsibiri has long had a reputation for a strong curriculum. Today, we learned from the school’s director, Isti, that enrollment is increasing!

Parents want to send their children to this school because of the curriculum, where this past school year 100% of the students passed the required annual exam for sixth grade students. They will all be able to move on to middle school. In addition to the excellent reputation, parents want their children to attend the school because of the higher quality nutrition provided by the food program and because of the computer lab. Isti also said it would have been a catastrophe this year had they not had money for food, due to the high prices in Niger, a result of the food crisis.

A BIG THANK YOU for everyone who participated in the bike-a-thons. Last year’s bike-a-thon raised money for computers, this year’s bike-a-thon raised money for the food program. And, James Island Presbyterian Church in Charleston, SC, has raised money for the past few years for the food program. Alfred Moore, a Mission Committee member at James Island, has been instrumental in acquiring the computers for the labs. And Cindy Carlson, from North Prebyterian Church in Minnesota, has worked tirelessly to secure a Rotary International  Global Grant which will provide more computers and for infrastructural needs.

Isti and the EERN send their thanks!


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  1. Coleen Colton

    Thanks for the updates, Cathy! That Tsibiri school is humming with potential!

  2. Kari

    Thanks for sharing about this! I wish I were there!