Honors for Tsibiri

Here is some exciting news about the boarding school at Tsibiri:

  1. 98% of their 6th grade students passed the national exam to go onto middle school.  While in and of itself that is remarkable, the fact that they have a 90% or higher pass rate for the past 5 years is even more impressive.  It speaks to the dedication of the teachers, students and parents.
  2. The student with the highest score on the exam in the entire Maradi region is from the boarding school.  This is a tremendous feat as there are thousands of other students taking the exam.  The government has provided him with a scholarship to a brand new boarding school in Niamey.  Everyone is very proud of him!
  3. Another honor for the boarding school occurred in May when the Minister of Education paid a visit.  The minister is comparable to Secretary of Education in the US. He was there to see the school’s garden.  Contributions from the World Food Program and a Rotary International Grant have greatly improved the garden.  While there, he took a tour of the school and was very impressed with the computer lab.

Here are pictures of Isti (Director of the Tsibiri school) and Ibrahim, Kara with the EERN Education Committee, and Yacoubo of the Education Committee, who recently became a member of the regional Parliament.