20151027 Houge

Houge, now in her final year of middle school.

Houge is now in in the 3rd and final year of middle school. We are so proud of her! She is excelling in her class work, and she is blossoming into a confident and kind person. Karen describes her as “regal”, which seems accurate to me. Earlier today, when I asked her if she was well, she replied in her soft yet confident voice, “Yes, Kara, I am well. How are you?” I then asked her if the national exam she will have to take at the end of the year in order to go on to high school is difficult. She said that it wasn’t difficult. I was surprised by her answer, so I asked her if it was easy. “No, it’s not easy. But it’s the preparation for the exam that is difficult.” She knows that if she works hard to prepare, she will pass the exam.