I’m Back!

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I’m Baaacckkkk!!  I’m always glad to be back, but the pull from Niger is a strong one; the sights, smells and sounds always stay with me.  It was a great trip!  It was wonderful to see all of my friends again, and it was incredibly encouraging to see all of the children going to school and the progress being made.  Also, I was able to “check off” all of my tasks on my To-Do List which always feels good!

I’ve already booked my next trip in July.  So my thoughts turn to, “What’s Next?”  Well, for starters…

1)      If you were able to read the previous blog posts, I hope you got a sense of just how far we’ve come!  The progress is wonderful; the enthusiasm of the Administrators, Teachers and Students is unmatched!  I compare our progress to the stages of life – previously our goals were a glimmer, then infancy, now we are really starting to crawl and maybe even taking a few solid steps!

2)      We have several targeted programs including Sponsorship, Food Program, Computer Lab, Teacher Training, Facility Construction and Furniture. While there, I spent a great deal of time talking with the EERN about their needs and their priorities and how we fit in.

3)      How can we continue to mobilize our efforts?  If you have your own thoughts, please send them to me!

4)      Our partners here in the U.S. – churches, schools, individuals – are eager to see the videos and pictures created during this latest trip.  I can’t wait to show you!!

Thank you for your thoughts, prayers and support during the trips and always!  I cannot tell the number of times I heard our friends in Niger express their gratitude for your support and all that you are doing.  I really wish you could have been there with me, to see first hand the enormous impact you are having!  You are truly helping to transform lives.  Thank you!