July Trip to Niger

I have exciting news to share!

  • I’m so pleased to announce that the EERN and Remember Niger have just been approved for a Rotary International grant which will provide funding for clean drinking water, electricity, sanitation and computer equipment at the schools we support, as well as provide the funds for hygiene and computer training this summer! These items are vitally important, and we are so blessed this is coming to fruition. We’ll share more information in the weeks to come.
  • The recent bike-a-thon will allow us to provide more support for food programs in our schools. Read more below.
  • And, we recently learned that the area has had some rain over the past two weeks – Praise God!

This week we leave for our next mission trip to Niger. I’ve led groups of various sizes and this time just two of us are going – Cathy Hickman and me. The next few weeks will be exciting! While in Niger, Cathy will write many of our blog entries; we begin with her thoughts before we leave. Please check our News page for more entries that will be posted during the next few weeks.

“I am going to Niger.” I have written and spoken this simple sentence for months now, as if I know what it really means. It occurs to me that I cannot know until I am there, and it will still be just a peek into the lives and needs of the teachers and students of the schools we serve.
I am often asked, “What will you do there?” We have an itinerary: we’re bringing 16 computers and equipment for the Tsibiri computer lab and we will help with training; we’ll visit the three schools; and we will meet with EERN administrators – much of our focus will be on future planning for short-term and long-term needs. We’ll also visit some markets – I hope to bring back wonderful items for this fall’s Alternative Markets. But I think what I will really “do” is learn about Niger, get a better understanding of the culture, people and schools, and return with a deeper desire to create learning opportunities for the kids I see in photos every day.
I’ve been drawn to Niger even before ever setting foot in Africa. I am so excited to finally be going there!
Thank you for your prayers and support,
Cathy Hickman