Kylee – My Journey

KyleeMy journey with Remember Niger started a couple years ago, but not until about a year ago did I actively become involved. My church partners with Remember Niger and through that I have become closely connected. Last fall we held the Ride for Hope bike rally, raising money for Remember Niger. Being involved in The Ride for Hope really set my heart on fire for the students and families in Niger. I could not wait to see what other opportunities were out there that I would be able to get involved in. Through that event I knew I needed to become more involved and some day visit Niger.

My passion has always been mission work, especially in Africa. While a student in high school, it was my dream to someday visit. Little did I know that a few short years after high school I would find myself in such a position that I was able to live my dream and travel to Niger, Africa. In March, Kara and I were having a conversation on the phone about a possible trip in the near future. By the end of the conversation we were booking my plane ticket and making arrangements for a trip happening the beginning of April. Only by the grace of God was I able to have everything I needed from the vaccinations to a visa by time April rolled around. My trip to Niger was more than life changing and eye opening. My life was touched by each student and family I encountered there. Part of my heart was left in Niger, and I hope that someday I will be able to visit again and see all the exciting new things that are in the works.