Letters from Sponsored Students

Student Letter 2017 - Rachida



Dear sponsor,

My name is Rachida and I’m in class of CE1 (3rd Grade). I am one of the girls you kindly took care of to facilitate my studies. My parents and I would like to tell you how pleased we are with your action. In Niger it is not easy for a girl to go to school, but you have given me the opportunity. Thank you dear loved ones. May God Almighty bless you for this action. We are eight in our family, the African family is often numerous and has limited means to look after the whole family with its various needs. That’s why your help is a boom of salvation for my parents. Be always thanked. I will put all my effort into my studies to help my parents and later be an example of successful girl.

See you soon.  Rachida

Student Letter 2017 - Nadia

Nadia and siblings


Dear sponsor,

It is with a heart of joy that I sit down to write this letter. I am very pleased to have received your letter and I am very encouraged. My mother’s name is Mariama and she’s a housewife. In the future I would like to be a doctor to help the sick and those in need. I had an average of 8.09 at the end of the year and I will pass into the class of CM1 (5th grade). In Niger there are many animals, especially giraffes in the Niamey region. They are very pretty and pleasant to look at with their long neck.

Thank you for always writing and I will answer as well. I like you very much. God bless you.

See you soon.  Nadia

Student Letter 2017 - Najaatou 1


Student Letter 2017 - Najaatou 2

Najaatou and siblings


Dear sponsor,

My family and I are pleased to write this letter to you to thank you for your generosity and your love for me. Indeed only your support allows me to go to school and receive instruction. Thank you so much. I have to do everything possible to succeed in school and become useful to my country, especially helping my parents who are in need. Always I remember you and will one day want to know you.

I love you and a big kiss from your daughter. Najaatou

Student Letter 2017 - Nana Haoua 2

Haoua and siblings

Nana Haoua

Dear sponsor,

It is with joyful heart that we write these few words to you to express our sincere thanks for your support of every day and this for several years. It is this sense of gratitude that motivates us every day. Our daughter Nana Haoua shows strength and promise in her studies; She had a good mark at the end of the year, and we always encourage her to do better. With your support it will certainly arrive. The weakness of our economies does not always allow us to provide for our children. The solidarity you show is a real mark of love for your neighbor and we are very grateful. We look forward to hearing from you in the coming days.

Thank you.

Student Letter 2017 - Rahamatou



Dear sponsor,

My name is Rahamatou and I’m in CE2 (4th grade) class. I have had the privilege of receiving your support for my studies, and I would like to express my gratitude. My parents rejoice in this support. I love going to school because it is the way to succeed in life. Education is important and not everybody has the chance to study, but I have had that chance thanks to you, to your support. Thank you very much. I count on your support so that I can succeed and become a responsible and helpful person.

I love you with all my heart.

See you soon. Rahamatou

Student Letter 2017 - Absatou

Absatou at home


Dear sponsor of Absatou,

Absatou’s parents have the pleasure of sending you our best greetings from the Niger country of the Sahel in West Africa. We are very honored and grateful for the support our daughter receives through her sponsorship to enable her to have a very good education at school. We are pleased that the EERN School of Zinder is making every effort to ensure that our child receives quality education and a good environment for the students. Thank you very much.

Absatou after repeating the class of CI has recovered and works better with an excellent average at the end of the year. She will pass into the class of CE1 (3rd grade). It is the rainy season now in Niger and Absatou is on holiday. She loves animals very much, so here is a souvenir photo in the middle of the goats and sheep and accompanied by her family, her grandmother, her brothers and sisters. She is happy with you.

Looking forward to hearing from you.